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Childcare / Education

Training created to meet the specific needs of educators.

Children's CPR TrainingEducating our children is an exciting and rewarding challenge. Ensuring their safety is an awesome responsibility. First Response partners with educators and child care professionals to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Our instructors come from an educational background. Many have been classroom teachers and have experience in your environment. We have the utmost respect for those in the education field and have tailored our training to meet their specific needs.

Our classes are taught at your school, scheduled at your convenience. Weekday, evening and Saturday classes are available. All training meets the requirements established by Bright from the Start and the DHR. Minimum class size required.


CPR, AED and First Aid for Education Professionals Group rate: $35 per person; Individual Rate: $40 per person

Course covers Adult/Child CPR/AED as well as pediatric first aid including managing a blocked airway. Infant CPR including if appropriate for the audience. Includes hands-on AED training. This course will be tailored to meet the needs of preschool or school age children as appropriate. Course meets the requirements outlined by NECPA, Bright from the Start, NAEYC, DBHDD and DSS. Also meets the requirements for elder care professionals.

CPR and First Aid for Childcare Professionals - Group Rate: $20 per person; Individual Rate: $25 per person

Training is centered around the types of illnesses and injuries you can expect when working with infants, toddlers, and young children everything from skinned knees to broken bones. CPR includes the current standards for adults, children and Infants. Two year certification earned upon completion.

CPR and First Aid for Education Professionals - Group Rate: $20 per person; Individual Rate: $25 per person

First Aid curriculum geared towards the school aged child: asthma, allergies, bleeding control and more. CPR includes the current standards for adults, children and Infants. Two year certification earned upon completion.

Fire Safety - Group Rate: $25 per person; Individual Rate: $30 per person

Fire Safety is more than just Stop, Drop, and Roll. Learn how to keep your center and home safe. What are the hot spots in your center? What should be included in your evacuation plan? Where can you find classroom resources for your children?

Your staff will walk away motivated and equipped to teach the children the lessons learned. The state of Georgia requires Fire Safety training for the entire staff of all licensed child care centers every three years.

Bloodborne Pathogens - Group Rate: $15 per person; Individual Rate: $20 per person

Training helps students understand what bloodborne pathogens are and how risks of exposure can be reduced for themselves and others. Required for all childcare providers in South Carolina. Approved by South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development. 2 credit hours

Customer Feedback

The majority of my employees who participated in the training have previously been FA/CPR certified, and they all agreed that First Response led one of the most informative classes they had ever taken. We all walked away for the program feeling prepared to handle an emergency if one were ever to occur. The instructor made the class interesting, fun, and addressed specific concerns I had discussed with him prior to training that tailored to our individual program. I will highly recommend him and First Response to other groups in the future.
I participated in a CPR/first aid class yesterday taught by First Response and I wanted to let you know how wonderful the instructor was!!!! From my many experiences taking this class it has always been boring and seemed to take forever to be over. But the instructor made the class entertaining and humorous at times (in an appropriate way, I might add), so that I actually had fun!! I also learned several new things during the class! I felt like she wanted to be there and not that she HAD to be there. She also, made me feel relaxed when usually I'm worried that I'll make a fool of myself or do something wrong. What a joy she was!!!
First Response has done our CPR/First AID Training for several years now. He is always a pleasant, good instructor, makes the courses interesting, and is most helpful one-on-one and with the class as a whole. He relates the courses to what we do here. He is very observant of our facility and its needs, and he is genuinely interested in and willing to do what he can in order to aid us in helping the children.
The class could not have been better! She did an outstanding job and kept the attention of the teachers. All the information was certainly what is needed to know and she presented it in an educated, organized, timely manner.

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